Apply now for the apartments in the high-quality renovation project Key West in Amsterdam at the Sloterplas. The apartments will most likely be available from mid-June 2019, however, any liability with regard to the expected date of delivery on our part is excluded, Key West is a renovation project and work still needs to be completed.
The tenant must meet the income requirement. property must be used as main residence, for own residence and the tenant must register at this address after completion.

Hereby the information required for registration about Key West
- Price list with explanation
-    Floor plans type A
-    Floor plans type B
-    Floor plans type C

If you are interested in renting an apartment in Key West, please complete the registration form as soon as possible and attach the requested documents. Before you fill in this form it is important that you have read and comply with the General Information. This contains, among other things, the income requirements, as well as other provisions regarding rent.

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Income requirement
Please take the income requirement into account before registering with us. You must meet the standard below if you wish to be eligible for a apartment. Landlord reserves the right to refuse tenants, despite the fact that they meet the requirements set out below. An application can be rejected without giving reasons.

Employed with one or two 2 incomes:
• Income standard for single earner / one contractor: the gross monthly salary must be at least 3.5 times the basic monthly rent of the home (excluding service costs and utilities).
Example of calculation: Basic rent € 1,250 per month equals to (3.5 x € 1,250) = € 4,375 is the gross income requirement per month.
• Two-earner / two-contractor income standard: same as mentioned above, except that only 50% of the second income is included in the calculation.
The income is the income of the persons mentioned on the leasecontract. For two-income households, both must therefore be included in the agreement as contracting parties

Self-employed persons must meet the income requirement as described above. If you are a self-employed person, a deposit of two months must be provided before signing the lease. Self-employed entrepreneurs must submit a recent extract from the trade register at the Chamber of Commerce and an audit report certified by an accredited accountant (at least of the last two full financial years / annual figures) with a balance sheet and profit and loss account. The income data will be checked by the lessor to check whether the lessee meets the desired solvency requirements.

If you are retired, we request that you send copies of your annual income or allowances.

In order to be able to better meet the income requirement, you can add 10% of your possible equity to your gross annual income. You must, however, prove the shareholders' equity with us by means of a copy of a bank statement o.i.d. If you only have assets, contact the broker about the rental requirements.

The property must be used as the principal residence for personal residence and the tenant must register at this address after completion.

The deposit is a standard two-month basic rent for non-self-employed persons. A higher deposit than standard may possibly apply if there is a slight difference between your income and the stated income requirement. For self-employed persons, the deposit is a minimum of 2 months. The deposit must be credited to owner's account before the key transfer
In the absence of payment after a key transfer, the owner will immediately start a collection procedure. The deposit is provided during the entire rental period and is therefore for an indefinite period.

Allocation rental property
You have made your preferences known on the registration form. Your preference will be noted based on the income requirement, availability and outcome of your personal credit check for that property. If the preferences you specified are available and we can assign you an apartment, we will contact you to make further arrangements and provide you with all further documents to proceed with the lease.

Of course you will also receive a message if we unfortunately have not been able to assign an apartment to you. No substantive correspondence will be entered into regarding a possible rejection.

Duration and effective date of the rental agreement
The lease contract will be for at least one year. The effective date of the lease is determined in consultation with the lessor and manager. After one year you can cancel the lease per calendar month, all in accordance with the provisions of the lease.

Other provisions
• Landlord reserves the right to refuse tenants, despite the fact that they meet the above mentioned requirements. An application can be rejected without giving reasons;
• The documents sent by you will be verified at the relevant organization;
• The data entered on this form can possibly be used for housing market research;
• Upon entering into a lease, the applicant will sign a lease based on the ROZ model. Rental contracts are at all times for a period of at least one year in which the tenant must be prepared to issue an authorization for the automatic collection of the monthly payment obligations;
• This form is entirely free of obligation, both the registered person (s) and the lessor do not have any legal obligations to one another;
• The applicant is aware of and authorizes that by signing and submitting the registration form the completed and supplied data will be included in the administration of or on behalf of Hallie & Van Klooster Brokerage, the manager and the lessor. In addition, the applicant is aware of this and gives permission that the relevant data can be made available to project and contract parties. We hereby also refer to the privacy statement on our website: LINK-- https://www.hallie-vanklooster.nl/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Privacyverklaring-Engels-Hallie-Van-Klooster.pdfThe applicant is aware of and agrees with this privacy statement


If you have any questions, please contact the Key West Amsterdam rental team at Hallie & Van Klooster Brokerage: projects@hallie-vanklooster.nl or tel (020) 6 816 716.